April 2022 Missionary Newsletter

The longing and burden to get to Canada has been pretty heavy this month. I began recording Sunday messages while I am on deputation. Our first message was over Acts 1:1-3 on “The Many Infallible Proofs of His Resurrection”. The plan is to continue through Acts until I have finished deputation. Praise the Lord for the continued first-time visitors and reports of individuals within our group witnessing to others. We are praying that the Lord will provide and continue to open the door to partnering with churches we have recently visited. We already have the workings for birthing a church… we just need to get there… fully funded! Amen!

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God continues to provide and let His will be known to us! In previous newsletters, I have mentioned our group in Edmonton, Alberta that we are currently ministering and discipling via the internet. Recently, God has provided a new place for them to call home! The previous location was a temporary space for Sunday only and required them to set up and tear down every Sunday. This location sits 23 people in worship services, a separate room for Bible study/possible youth area, and a children’s area. Praise the Lord!


Steven was accepted and will be attending West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA.

He flew out and spent a few days touring the school and making new friends. He had so much fun and was so excited that he didn't want to come home. Classes begin in August 2022!


Government eases some COVID-19 travel measures...| CBC News "Fully vaccinated travellers will no longer be required to provide a quarantine plan upon entry, and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children aged five to 11 who are accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or guardian will no longer have to undergo a COVID-19 test for entry to Canada."


  • Please pray for the remnant of believers in Alberta, Canada that we are now discipling and ministering. Pray for their protection from groups and people who want to destroy what God is doing there.

  • Please pray that God will continue to bless us with ministry partners and speed up our deputation. We have several churches we have visited recently that are finishing up their faith promise campaigns. Please pray that the Lord will provide abundantly and open a door to partnering.

  • Please pray for the Canadian church, people, and a great revival to sweep the country.

God bless,

Steven Pratt

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