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August & September 2022 Missionary Newsletter

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Aug-Sep 2022 (2)
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After 14 months of a very aggressive schedule and traveling, we decided to dedicate August to spending time together as a family. So what might that look like? Well, the first couple of weeks was sorting and packing everything we own to fit into an 8x8x16 POD storage container. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you had to sort out what to keep, give away, or trash several... several... several times before finally getting down to the bare minimum and shoving and forcing it all into a container. Where there is a will, there is a way! And let me tell you, I don't look forward to opening that container ten months from now.

Another thing we did as a family was spend some time with our son before making the long trek to California to drop him off for college. We went to Kings Island (Amusement Park), his favorite restaurants, had a few family movie nights, and much more. We finished the month by traveling to California and back home just in time for a mission’s Sunday at Guide Church in Hillard, OH.


We spent the first week of September with our sending church reconnecting with friends and family while preparing for our next 3-month deputation road trip. It was during this week that we closed on the selling of our house. From now until we move to Canada, we will be living out of our van, hotels, and mission apartments.

The rest of the month we spent traveling from one church to the next. Our first stop was at Western Hills Baptist Church in Victoria, TX. God made his presence known in a great way and brought a revival into our hearts for missions! We then traveled to Plantation Baptist Church in Plantation, FL where we met a church devoted to prayer and missions. Finally, we finished the month at Hope Baptist Church in Loveland, CO where we established new friendships with a church burdened for missions. I am thankful for all the churches we visit: each one of them has a heart for the Lord and a burden for missions.



Churches Scheduled: 14

Churches Visited: 73

Financial Partners: 56

Miles Driven: 58045

Sky Miles: 1864

Moving & Traveling Costs: 100%

*Paid for by the Marjorie Browning Fund

Personal Start-Up Costs: 100%

Ministry Start-Up Costs: 41%

Ministry Vehicle Fund: 100%

Start Deputation: June 1, 2021

Goal Date: Dec 1, 2022


Friendship Baptist Church - Cincinnati, OH

Western Hills Baptist Church - Victoria, TX

Plains Baptist Church - Lincoln, NE

Liberty Baptist Church - Massillon, OH

Guide Church - Hillard, OH


In August, we traveled over 5,000 miles, taking two vehicles, to drop off Steven at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. He is studying Missions with a minor in English to follow his calling to be a missionary to Japan. Please pray for him as he adjusts to college life away from home.


The Lord did it! He sold our house to a young couple (Weston & Emily) without having to list it. It is exciting to see God's hand move in our life and even more so to see this young couple start out in what was our first home. Please pray for us as we are now living out of our van as we finish our deputation.



Canada Is Removing Strict Covid-19 Restrictions... | The New York Times

"Canada announced on Monday that it would remove all remaining coronavirus entry restrictions, including testing and quarantine requirements, effective Oct. 1, ending some of the world’s longest and most stringent rules."


* Please continue to pray for our safety as we travel on deputation.

* Please pray for the churches that we have visited that God will provide for them through their Faith Promise so that they can partner with us and other missionaries.

* Please pray for the Canadian church, people, and a great revival to sweep the country.

God bless,

Steven Pratt

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