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How is God calling you to Canada?

We knew for a long time that God was calling us to become missionaries. We sorta knew this when we surrendered to the ministry in March 2014. However, we tried to negotiate with God at first and by the end of the year, God gave us a wonderful opportunity and sent us to Cincinnati, OH to help a dear pastor friend and his wonderful family rebirth a church. What we didn't realize was this was our first missionary trip. It was during these three years in Cincinnati that God continued to affirm and burden our hearts for missions. Every time we sought our calling to missions something Canadian would show up.

In October 2018, God called us back to our home and now sending church Bible Baptist Church Wilmington, OH. It was mission month in our church and the preaching on missions burdened our hearts deeply. A quick look around the sanctuary revealed all the flags from around the world; one for every country our sending church supports. God brought this to our attention and the Holy Spirit revealed that one flag was missing; the Canadian flag. Then the Missionaries came forward and would present God's great work in the uttermost parts of the world and my wife and I knew it was time for us to share with our pastor the burden God placed on our heart--to move to Canada and plant churches.

When I first presented to our pastor, he immediately joined us in prayer to confirm God's calling to Canada. It wasn't long until God confirmed Canada with these two verses:

"... I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God." Ezekiel 2:4
"For thou art not sent to a people of a strange speech and of an hard language..." Ezekiel 3:5

What the Holy Spirit revealed was Canada's need for true biblical preaching. Canada has legalized almost every sin and the depravity has been increasing every year. God's Word confirmed His calling that He is sending us to Canada, but in addition, God revealed that He is sending us to the English speaking parts of Canada.

After much prayer and fasting, He further revealed to us the Alberta province and I am excited to share that on April 3rd our family is going on our first survey trip to Alberta, where we will visit Calgary, Edmonton, and Banff to assess the need and confirm God's leading. Please keep the people in Alberta in your prayers. Pray for God to do a mighty work through us while we are there. Pray we are able to gather enough survey data to discern God's will. And pray for our safety as we travel.

God bless,

Steven Pratt, Jr.

Missionary to Canada

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