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July 2020 Missionary Newsletter

July was a very busy month for us, and as a result, we have a lot to update you on in this month's missionary newsletter. Praise the Lord for everything He is doing through our ministry! I hope you rejoice and Praise God, as we are, for all that He has done.


Gospel Video / Campaign

Over 7,200 views in three days!

This video leads the viewer through a simulation of their own death to bring them to the state of reality that one day they will die. The hope is that the viewer will understand their condition and accept Christ.

Lead by the Holy Spirit, we launched four Facebook video campaigns featuring our newest video called "Are you ready?" Our first and primary campaign runs for 5 days and is focusing on individuals living in the Alberta providence between the ages of 18-65+.

Praise the Lord! We had several (~12+) viewers follow the link on the ad to our salvation website to get more information.

Our second campaign is in response to what the Holy Spirit is doing in international countries (see international fruit.) We set a very small budget and focused on the following countries: Pakistan, Romania, Malaysia, China, & Japan. Our video has had over 4,000 views from a small budget of $5 and we have already seen fruit from it. Praise the Lord!

Our third campaign is focused on the United States. This campaign is another $5 budget and is designed to show up for viewers to share on their timeline. This campaign produced over 1,700 views.

Our final campaign started yesterday. After praying about the rioting and turmoil in Portland, OR, the Holy Spirit lead me to do yet another small $5 campaign focused on that city. If you are not aware, they are burning that city down to the ground. One night my wife and I were up around 3am EST and happen to see a live video on Facebook from Portland. The people were attacking the military that was protecting a federal building. They were attempting to burn the building down. There were at least a thousand rioters, and they were shooting fireworks directly into the building, hitting the men and women protecting the building with fireworks, rocks, glass, and bottles.

I heard the Spirit say, send the video to them. So, we did. We had many people watch the entire video from Portland. Also, we had several visits to our salvation page afterward. Please pray the Holy Spirit will use this video to win many to the Lord.


International Fruit

Spreading the gospel and discipling all around the world

Recently, we had many facebook and website visitors from international locations. These recent conversions are men from the middle east and are hungry for God's Word. At least one of them has fled for his life to another country. Because of COVID19, the churches in their area are closed, and many are forced to stay home. We are currently praying for direction on how to minister to these men until their local church reopens or until we can help find them a local church.


New Website Updates!

Visit our website and see these new updates

New Updates On Our Home Page

The Bible Way to Heaven

The Bible Way to Heaven showcases the four things we need to know to get saved. Each box sends the viewer to our new Salvation page! (See below)


Our Timeline to Canada

I am really excited to share this with you! This is a complete timeline from the beginning of our calling to planting churches in Canada. See our time frame and follow our journey as we move through our timeline.


Our New Salvation Page

We have taken our "Are you ready?" video and made a new Salvation page on our site. Once a viewer accepts Christ as their personal savior, they can complete a form to notify us of their decision.


Our Newly Updated Mission Page!

Our mission page was in desperate need of a redesign. We felt that the old mission page did not effectively communicate our mission. The newly updated mission page now clearly shows our plan and provides information explaining the need for church planting in Canada.

We are taking a Biblical approach to our mission and church planting. Following Matthew 28:19-20.

Our first step is to "SEND THE MISSIONARIES," which is our current step.

Our Second Step is "Soul Winning, Discipleship, and Church Planting" in the Alberta providence.

This page also shows graphs of the locations we are praying over to begin our work.

Our Third Step is to repeat the process in the North West Territories in the years to come.



The latest news on the United States and Canada border.

Canada-U.S. border closure to be extended for another 30 days, say officials | CBC News

"Extension comes despite lobbying by U.S. members of Congress to plan a phased reopening..." "Canadian government officials say they expect the border to stay largely closed for the foreseeable future, despite calls from U.S. members of Congress to consider a phased plan for reopening."

29 members of U.S. Congress ask Canada to consider reopening border | CBC News

"Coronavirus cases may be skyrocketing in the United States, but a group of lawmakers there is asking for Canada to come to the virtual table to plan a phased reopening of the Canada-U.S. border. These 29 Congress members wrote to the Canadian government to warn that the ongoing closure — extended numerous times throughout the pandemic — are creating tension and uncertainty."

US-Canada, Mexico border closures extended into late August as American COVID-19 cases surge | USA Today "Update on our border: Non-essential travel between Canada and the US remains restricted," Trudeau wrote. "And as we continue to fight COVID-19, we have agreed to extend the current border measures by another 30 days - until August 21st - to keep people in both our countries safe."

The US-Canada border was, once again, extended until August 21st. This closure is not a surprise, especially with the increase in outbreaks of COVID19 within the states. However, several members of the U.S. Congress have begun pressuring Canada to start a phased re-opening.

From Canada's POV, it is too dangerous to re-open, and they have gone through tremendous efforts to minimize COVID19's impact in Canada. For example, there was recently an issue with an international student who crossed the border into Canada and infected several individuals in the Prince Edward Islands. Before this outbreak, the Prince Edwards Islands went 67 days without a case. This recent outbreak is proof that opening the border now would undermind all their efforts to control the spread.

I believe the border will remain closed, at least until late fall, when we see what happens when the U.S. school systems re-open.


Canada Coronavirus Tracker

See the impact COVID19 has hit Canada

Or click here to open in new window



We are excited to share with you these special family moments!

Elizabeth's First Hair Cut

Before the stylist went to cut her hair, Elizabeth said "Just be gentle please."She loved the pampering she received during her first haircut and of course, she was adorable during it all.

Preparing for Steven's Junior Year in HS

(Laurel Oaks Career Development Center)

We recently went on an Ice Cream Social to Steven's vocational school where he will be learning Web App & Game Development.

Elizabeth's Summer Reading Program

( Look at all those prizes!)

Elizabeth & Mommy read over thirty books together in this year's Summer Reading Problem hosted by Blanchester Public Library.

Elizabeth is our book worm. She loved her book prize: Dr. Seuss One fish two fish red fish blue fish.

Serving in a Summer Church Program

(Dad, Mom, and Steven)

It feels great to be serving again in the kids' ministry. Here we are sporting our masks and praising the Lord that we can still do ministry work and serve the Lord!



*Answered Prayer: Praise the Lord for our Gospel Video / Campaign. After months of technical issues, we were finally able to produce our first video. Please continue to pray that God will use the video to lead the lost to Christ.

*New Prayer Request: Praise the Lord that my father's estate finally went through probate. We plan to list the house on July 29th. Please pray that God will quickly direct the right family to purchase it. Once sold, we will save nearly $1,000 a month in expenses.

*New Prayer Request: Please pray for Steve's college study time that he will be able to focus on schooling. It seems like time is passing by so quickly, and it's hard to complete seven classes in this short summer semester.

*CONTINUE: Pray for Canada! Pray that their hearts will be softened to the gospel and that they will call upon the name of the Lord! And pray the border opens soon.



Do you have questions about our ministry?

Whatever it might be, reach out to us!

We look forward to hearing from you.



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