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June & July 2022 Missionary Newsletter

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June - July 2022 (2)
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Hello Church Family,

This past June & July have been our busiest months on deputation. We traveled to KY, NC, MO, FL, MI, OH, TX, back to MO again, and finally arrived home in OH. Looking back at our calendar, I don't know how we survived it. First, our son recently graduated High School and is preparing to go to college. In the meantime, he started a summer job at a Christian summer camp three hours from our home. In addition, he needed to get his driver's license which I am happy to say he passed! Next, Elizabeth needed some time with friends and family. She attended our sending churches VBS and then stayed a week in July with her Aunt Mindy and Uncle Luke while we finished our last year of BBFI Advanced Missionary Training. Add to that the selling of our house, a Missionary Family Reunion, and all the churches we presented our burden; you have one busy schedule.

Looking back, one of my favorite moments was doing a Bible Study over zoom with several college students who have a heart and passion for God's Word. During the pandemic, these students established a cross-college Bible Study welcoming students from other colleges. Each of them is pursuing a career in the secular world but is seeking the Lord to use their talents best to lead others to Christ.

Please pray for us as we look forward to what God has planned for us in August. Most of our time will be given to packing our things, finding a place to call home, driving our son to California for college, and presenting our burden for Canada.



Churches Scheduled: 16

Churches Visited: 68

Financial Partners: 51

Miles Driven: 48359

Sky Miles: 1864

Moving & Traveling Costs: 100%

*Paid for by the Marjorie Browning Fund

Personal Start-Up Costs: 100%

Ministry Start-Up Costs: 39%

Ministry Vehicle Fund: 100%

Start Deputation: June 1, 2021

Goal Date: Dec 1, 2022


Bible Baptist Church - Fairfield, OH

Blanding Blvd. Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL

Faith Baptist Church - Tampa, FL


Huge answer to prayer! We sold our house without putting it on the market. Please pray for everything to go through without any issues!



Government of Canada maintains... | Government of Canada

"Today, the Government of Canada announced it is extending current border measures for travellers entering Canada. Requirements for travellers arriving to Canada are expected to remain in effect until at least September 30, 2022."

Canadian church hosts controversial assisted suicide ceremony... | THE CHRISTIAN POST

“For us, it was perfectly natural to hold this service for Betty in our sanctuary because death is a natural part of life and Betty had lived a good part of her adulthood in this faith community. Hers was a growing, changing spirituality; her faith was feisty, fierce and passionate, like Betty herself,” said Rolke.


* Please pray for our son, Steven III, as he moves to Lancaster, CA for West Coast Baptist College in August.

* Please continue to pray for our safety as we travel on deputation.

* Please pray for the churches that we have visited that God will provide for them through their Faith Promise so that they can partner with us and other missionaries.

* Please pray for the Canadian church, people, and a great revival to sweep the country.

God bless,

Steven Pratt

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