October 2021 Missionary Newsletter

Greetings Friends & Family!

October was our busiest month, so far, while on deputation. We spent most of the month in NE Ohio where we presented our ministry to four churches, attended three missions conferences, had two birthdays, and presented at the BCMN National Conference. We were only home 9 out of 31 days this month. Praise the Lord!

I want to thank our sending Pastor and church for providing for us with another round of "Prepare the Pratts" traveling snacks, gifts, and supply bags. We are truly blessed and thankful to the Lord for you and to be sent out of BBCWilmington.

I also want to thank all the pastors and churches who had us out to present our ministry.

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Thank you for the prayers, love offerings, and support that you have given us. I often tell my family that deputation is somewhat like a honeymoon to our ministry. I believe that deputation is a time where when things get serious when times get hard, we can look back and remember the moments we spent with each one of you.

God bless,

Steven Pratt



Below is bonus information that is not in our newsletter.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Did you know that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October? Thanksgiving in Canada is not like America--with pilgrims and Indians. Instead, it is more centered on being thankful to God for providing a great harvest. Here is a little bit of information on Thanksgiving in Canada.

"Thanksgiving, in some form or another, has been a part of Canadian life since the mid-19th Century. The holiday moved around to a number of different dates for more than a century, until 1957, when the Canadian Parliament declared “A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed — to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October.” https://www.farmersalmanac.com/when-canadian-thanksgiving

Family Fort Night

Some of you may be aware that Steven is not able to travel with us because he is a senior in High School. So the nights we are home with him we try to make them extra special. This night is one of our favorites. We call it Family Fort Night. We rearrange all the furniture in the front room and use almost all our covers and sheets to make our fort. We then watch a movie and eat pizza under our fort.

2021 BCMN National Conference

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share our burden for Canada at the Baptist Church Ministry Network's National Meeting this year. After sharing our burden, my phone exploded with notifications of website visitors from all across America and we were able to schedule four new bookings with several others currently in the works. I would like to thank Pastor Mike Fraizer and Bro. Lewis McClendon for allowing us time to share the burden God has placed on our hearts.

Elizabeth Sings @ FBC Ashland

Another Elizabeth First

I don't know too many five-year-olds brave enough to go in front of a congregation and sing their little heart out to the Lord. But Miss Elizabeth did just that when she was invited to join Bro. Dan on stage to help in worship. I am so proud and thankful for my little girl. She always has a positive attitude. I encourage you to watch these videos.

Watch Video 1 | Watch Video 2

Ministry Moment for Mom

Laura was given a couple of extra opportunities in October to share our burden. On one occasion she helped serve in Super Church @ Louisville Baptist Temple. Here she challenged the children to a coloring contest. The winner would be the one who gave Mr. Steve the best or funniest hairstyle.

She also was given the opportunity to share her testimony and burden to the lady's Sunday School class at Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church.

Underground Service with Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church

This truly will be an experience I will never forget. Immediately after the Sunday morning altar call, they played a video of the persecuted church in China where many gave their personal testimony of Christ and the underground church. After the video, they performed a short skit where the music minister and myself were "arrested" and the church was served a "warrant" to cease from having services. Of course, no one was actually arrested nor were services forced to go underground. But the message is powerful.

Sunday night services were divided between different areas. Each member was given a location to attend prior to the morning services. My family was given a location near our home. There was a small fellowship in the home and then service was out in the garage. During the service, I was able to assist and give a "final thought" to help apply the message for that night. Afterward, we all left in the opposite direction of our arrival. Again, what a wonderful and memorable opportunity. Thank you HBBC and Pastor Dan Lamb for having us be a part of this unique experience.

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