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Quick Border Update

Canadians have been experiencing the "second wave" of COVID19 for a few weeks now, and the government is doing all it can to help prevent the spread. Today, the border is still closed, but this news article (click here to view) highlights governmental plans that are key to allowing more traffic at its borders.

Is the Canadian government doing this to prepare to re-open in the next couple of months? Possibly. The government has taken small, simple steps toward re-opening for the past few months. However, I do not see the border opening fully until after a vaccine has been released and possibly some measure taken to verify vaccination compliance.

As many know, a little over two weeks ago, my wife and I were tested positive for COVID19. Our experience is that we had a mild case compared to others. But mild doesn't mean it was easy to get over. We still feel tired if we try to do too much. But through prayer and by the grace of God, we are on our path to a full recovery.

I am starting to research will the Canadian government allow those who have already had COVID19 across the border? Could an exemption be made if they could prove they were positive and are now negative? Wouldn’t that be something?

For those who just started following us, God has called our family to become missionaries to Canada. Specifically, Calgary, AB. We are patiently waiting for the border to open to allow us to take a 2-4 week survey trip. This survey trip is crucial for us to learn the area and communicate God's will for our lives to those who will later partner up with us, both financially and spiritually.

We believe that the Lord is preparing our way and that He is doing a mighty work. Before this pandemic, an estimated 5.6% out of 1.5 million (nearly 85,000 people) in Calgary know Christ as their Savior, and roughly one-third were atheists. We are praying that this season will open hearts to the gospel.

Additionally, we are evangelizing digitally, using our Salvation video, by advertising through Facebook and Instagram to connect the lost to Jesus. We are excited to share the "good news" with those we cannot reach in person. Please pray that God will bless these efforts and that many will put their trust in the Lord.

God bless

Steven Pratt, Jr.

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