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Six Month On Field Update Video

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Deputation Videos

Full Missions Video

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We are really excited  and thankful to share the burden God has placed on our heart for Alberta, Canada with your congregation. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Above you will see the two videos and to the right of this text you will find the download folder to download the videos. The full version is 5:22 and the short version is 3:31. If you need anything else you can either click on the chat bubble below for an instant response or you can email ( or call me (937-728-8648).

Short Missions Video

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Children's Coloring Page

Children love to color and we love to see their pictures! Click the paperclip above to download our coloring page. This coloring page is a great way to prepare the children for our visit.


My favorite thing to do is to challenge them to give me their best and funniest hairdo. I have seen beehives, mullets, and even clown hair.  But the best thing to see is the smiles on their faces.

God bless you


Steven Pratt, Jr. 

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